Omega Weapons Random Note

Random Note

Cryptic Friendship

More than a hand shaped flash drive. Uses Charisma to get past encryption. If it likes you it’ll let you in, if it is suspicious it’ll just answer a question, if it really doesn’t like you the whole system will be alerted. BEWARE!!! Continue reading “Omega Weapons Random Note”


Omega Weapons Neuromorphic Inc

Neuromorphic Inc

Magno Gun

Magno Gun? Magno Gun! Whats better than using junk to fire junk at junk!? You can set metal objects on the electro plate and fire them as projectiles. Things like rebar and saw blades work best but coffee cans can work too. [reload tag]

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Omega Weapons Monolithic Bots

Monolithic Bots

Alarmbot 2300

Meet Alarmbot 2300. Smart. Sassy. Salient. This is Alarmbot 2300 – a device whose whole purpose is to warn when a danger is near. By introducing the Alarmbot 2300 to a live threat it can warn you of any future run-ins. And with the advancements in tech, the 2300 can even warn when specific people approach! The Future is brought to you by Monolithic Bots. Continue reading “Omega Weapons Monolithic Bots”

Omega Weapons Gala


Force Shield

Simplicity is as much about stopping as it is about starting. The Gala Shield can remove all energy from whatever touches it, be it kinetic, thermal, photonic, or quantum. Nothing can pass through a Gala Shield given you prep its anti-life core. By making a nice donation of your health or the life of an innocent the Gala Shield can turn the tides of any battle. Continue reading “Omega Weapons Gala”