Alpha Mutations 21-30

  1. Download EgoWhen you lose all health, you can forego your Last Breath Move and instead switch bodies of a nearby enemy. You are no longer who you were, you are now your target. Everything but your stats change.
  2. Empathic Healing – Heal one nearby ally for 1d4 health. You must have a deep conversation with an ally to use again.
  3. Evolved Equilibrium – Increase dexterity by 1.
  4. Explosive Pods – When you throw the pod that grows out of your back, it will explode and deal 1d6 damage to anyone close to it. It takes a day to grow a pod and only one pod grows at a time.
  5. Extra Arm – You grow an extra arm that can do what a normal arm does. If it holds an extra weapon deal one die size lower as extra damage (if you deal 1d10 then deal an extra +1d8).
  6. Fast Healing – Whenever you take damage, focus for a moment and heal back 1d4 health. If you cannot focus you cannot heal.
  7. Feelers – Your long whisker-like feelers can ‘see’ people or creatures who are close by you even if invisible, obscured, or blocked by terrain.
  8. Fire Wings – When you sprout flaming wings, roll+DEX. On a hit, you can fly for a short duration or attack a target close to you dealing +1d6 damage and set them on fire. On a miss, you set yourself on fire.
  9. Footus Ginormicus – You grow comically large feet. You become proficient at swimming and moving over soft ground, but you become worse at dancing.
  10. Force Field Generation – Whenever you create a force field, an invisible wall roughly 25 yards by 10 yards is made that stops all physical movement. The wall lasts only a few minutes before dissolving. A long rest is needed to use again.

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Alpha Mutation 11-20

  1. Cloud the Mind – When you cloud the mind of a target near you, you become invisible to that being. The effect ends when you take damage and needs a long rest to be used again.
  2. Confusion – When you confuse a target, it loses direction potentially causing it to attack an ally, lose balance, or simply stand still trying to catch it’s bearing. You must take a long rest before using this action again.
  3. Crushing Gravity – Where you create a zone, gravity becomes 4x normal. Some creatures shrug that off, some take a death blow, it all depends on the creature. The zone never ends and a long rest is needed to use again.
  4. Dark Matter Shroud – When you need to be out of sight, you become a living shadow hidden from all. You turn back on command or when attacked. A long rest is needed to use again.
  5. Dart Cough – When you cough in the face of an enemy, roll+CON. On a hit, enemy becomes poisoned and takes -1 armour. On a miss, the player becomes SICK.
  6. Das Gamma Auge – When you shoot radiation from your eyes, roll +DEX. On a hit, you deal 2d6 radiation damage to target. On a miss, you lose control and deal 2d6 radiation damage to everything you look at for the next few minutes.
  7. Death Reading – When you touch a dead body, you learn its name, cause of death, and one thing important to it. Roll+WIS. On a hit, all is true. On a miss, one thing is a lie.
  8. Density – When you increase your density, you become immobile and take +1 CON. Your density reverts back at will but takes a moment to be ready again.
  9. Devolution – When you devolve a target, it drops a level of intellect, from genius to human to ape to lizard to insect to rock. Take -1 INT  and -1 CHA while active.
  10. Disintegrating Touch – When you touch a target, you break apart it’s molecular bonds cutting through limb or hinge. Roll+CON. On a 3-, your effect stops halfway and your hand is melded with the target.

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Alpha Mutation List 1-10

  1. Adaptive Resistance – When attacked take +1 armour against attacks of that type (like fire, ice, death, nature, normal, etc). This effect lasts until the end of battle and needs a long rest to be ready again.
  2. Adrenal Rage – When you activate your internal rage, gain +1 STR and +1 CON, but take -1 INT and -1 WIS until you end the rage. You must take a long rest after each rage.
  3. All a Dream – When an enemy near you hits you with a direct or area attack, everyone near you dodges the attack. You must take a long rest after each use.
  4. Amnesia Field – You can send an amnesic pulse out that makes everyone in a 10ft radius forget the last 5 minutes. You must take a long rest after each use.
  5. Anti-Life Leech – Take +1 Armour against undead creatures and you are immune to life-leech abilities.
  6. Aquatic Adaptation – You grow gills and can breath underwater and can swim really fast.
  7. Beguiling – When you charm a target, roll+CHA. On a hit, the target overlooks you as a threat. On a miss, the target focuses on you.
  8. Body of Light – Create a 10ft radius light field around you that gives +1d8 damage and sets all enemies inside on fire. The field lasts for a couple minutes and a long rest is needed to use again.
  9. Carapace – This set of natural protection gives +1 Armour but has a weight of 3. Thankfully it is neither clumsy nor stops you from wearing anything else you like.
  10. Center Cannot Hold – People become demoralized and depressed around you giving you a +1 when you Parley standing close to someone.

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