Omega Weapons Chuck Fardel

Chuch Fardel
Privacy enforcer

This piece of portable tech stops people from entering your mind. Infiltrators only hear Moby Dick narrated on loop no matter how hard they try. CAUTION: Do Not Get Wet! Failure to comply could result in feedback where the user can think of nothing but Moby Dick narrated on loop. Continue reading “Omega Weapons Chuck Fardel”


Omega Weapons

The Omega Weapons

were a weird conversion as the originals were mostly just variations of the same basic weapons with a few modifiers. Some though had special abilities, so I went through the list and hand picked the one’s that best fit this new style of game. Continue reading “Omega Weapons”

Alpha Mutation 91-100

  1. Sympathetic Link – You can link the vitality of two beings. When you link two beings, both take damage when one is hit and both heal when one is healed. A long rest is needed to use again.
  2. Teleportation – You can teleport short distances that you can see.
  3. Tentacles – You grow 2 extra tentacles that can function as less dexterous arms. The tentacles can hold blunt weapons or grab items, but are not so great at using precise things like guns or keyboards.
  4. Time Slide – You can launch yourself 5 minutes in the future. If you reappear and something is in your spot, the object or person is moved regardless of size to make room for you.
  5. Two-Headed – You grow a second head. This extra head gives advice but can argue with you, so you take +1 INT and -1 WIS.
  6. Ultrashriek – When you speak every living creature and person within earshot takes 3d8 damage. After you shriek your voice is horse and you don’t deal any more damage. A few nights rest is needed to use again.
  7. Vampiric Healing – When you drink a living creatures blood, deal 1d6 damage, stun the target temporarily, and heal for health equal to your level.
  8. Venomous Spurs – You gain venomous spurs on your wrists. When you stab someone with your spurs, they lose consciousness for a few minutes.
  9. White Dwarf – You gain an intense gravitational field around you that pulls enemies and objects toward you. The closer the object or enemy is to you the stronger the pull. After you turn the field off it takes a long rest to be used again.
  10. Wings – You grow a pair of large wings and can now fly. Flying uses as much energy as sprinting.

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Alpha Mutation 81-90

  1. Sensitive Nose – Your sense of smell is animal like. Always ask the question “What do I smell that’s important” when Discerning Realities for free, even on a miss.
  2. Shadow Person – You gain a shadowy exterior that hides your features. Everyone who looks at you sees you as a generic, medium-sized person.
  3. Shaggy Pelt – You grow a thick furry pelt that protects you from the cold and gives a +1 Armour against melee attacks.
  4. Shimmershield – Your body is surrounded by an electromagnetic force. When attacked by metal weapons, take +1 Armour forward.
  5. Sonic Screech – Your vocal cords mutate giving you a scream that can deafen those around you. When you scream, everyone within earshot becomes deaf.
  6. Sound Imitation – You can imitate any sound you’ve heard. If you mimic a sound in a different way (like using someones voice to say something you want to say), roll+INT. On a hit, you sound just right. On a miss, your imitation is slightly off, noticeable to those familiar.
  7. Static Field – You gain an electric aura. When you deal melee damage with a metal weapon, deal +1d6 damage. A long rest is needed to use again.
  8. Stink Glands – You have developed a serious smell. Living creatures and people will try to avoid you when possible.
  9. Strong as Stone – You become extra strong. Take +1 STR.
  10. Super Genius – You become extra smart. Take +1 INT.

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Alpha Mutation 71-80

  1. Proboscis – You grow a two-foot long face needle like a mosquito. When you attack someone with it, deal 1d4 damage and gain health equal to your level.
  2. Psychic Illusion – You can create one visual illusion. The illusion can be up to the size of a person and looks completely real. If someone touches the illusion it is revealed fake. A long rest is needed to create another illusion.
  3. Psychic Reversal – When you are hit with mental or psychic damage, the attacker takes the damage instead. A long rest is needed to use again.
  4. Quills – You become covered in quills. When you are hit with a melee attack, the attacker takes 1d4 damage.
  5. Radio Head – Any sound you think of, including inner monologue, is broadcast to all nearby radios. If you concentrate you can stop this effect.
  6. Rain Caller – You can create a heavy rainfall in a small 30ft zone. The rain is strong enough that vision becomes impaired and fires are put out.
  7. Light Sleeper – You need far less rest than a normal person. A quick nap has the same effect as a long rest.
  8. Redundant Organs – You develop extra kidneys reducing the effects of poisons. Poisons now last one quarter of their normal time and deadly poisons only make your sick.
  9. Reflexive Teleport – When you swap places with an enemy, roll+DEX. On a hit, the enemy is knocked down. On a miss, you are knocked down.
  10. Rubbery Skeleton – You whole body is now stretchy and elastic. You cannot break a bone anymore and your melee reach is extended by about a yard.

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Alpha Mutation 61-70

  1. Narcolepsy – When you cause a target to have narcolepsy, the target falls into a light sleep when attacked. You may only have one narcolepsy active at once.
  2. Neutron Emission – When you unleash a surge of radiation, any object close to you takes one effect you choose: visibly sick, exposed skin and clothing set on fire, 1d6 radiation damage. You spew radiation for a few minutes and must take a long rest before using again.
  3. Object Reading – When you touch an item, roll+WIS. On a hit, you learn the face and name of the last person to own the item as well as the reason they got rid of it. On a miss, you learn only the face and name.
  4. Pants on Fire – When you are knocked back or stunned, you erupt in a fiery explosion. Everyone close to you takes 1d6 damage and is set on fire. A long rest is needed to use again.
  5. Phase Strike – When you focus for a moment, phase shift a target causing it to vibrates between realities, roll+WIS. On a hit, the target is stunned and takes 1d4 damage. On a miss, the target is knocked back.
  6. Phasing – When you focus for a moment, phase shift yourself causing you vibrate between realities, roll+WIS. On a hit, you take half damage for the rest of the battle. On a miss, you take the disability Confused. You cannot use Phasing while confused.
  7. Phobia Projection – When you instill fear in a target, choose an object or monster for the original target to become afraid of and flees from. A long rest is needed to use again.
  8. Plaything – When you force control over another person, roll+CHA. On a hit, you can make them do one action. On a miss, they lash out at you.
  9. Polar Aura – When you become extremely endothermic, you suck all heat from your surrounding resisting any cold damage and slowing all creatures close to you. This effect lasts 5 hours. A long rest is needed to use again.
  10. Power Mimic – You can copy one ability you’ve seen today. A long rest is needed to use again.

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Alpha Mutation 51-60

  1. Machine Command – When you force your will on a machine, roll+INT. On a hit, the machine will execute a command of your choosing. On a miss, the machine runs an error and reboots.
  2. Mandibles – You grow giant mandibles. When you bite an enemy, deal +1d6 messy damage.
  3. Metal Body – Your skin turns to shiny metal giving +1 Armour.
  4. Mind Killer – When you cause a target to see a giant terrifying monster, roll+CHA. On a hit, it becomes afraid and flees in terror. On a miss, the target acts courageous and attacks you ferociously.
  5. Mind Switch – When you switch the minds of two creatures, roll+INT. On a hit, choose when the spell ends, if ever. On a miss, the GM chooses when the spell ends, if ever.
  6. Mind Trick – When you tell one person a false fact, roll+CHA. On a hit, the believe you completely. On a miss, they sense your lie and lose trust.
  7. Mirror Body – Your body is a mirror. When you are hit with an energy attack and defend, you can spend a hold to reflect half the damage back to the enemy and take half damage.
  8. Molecular Instability – Choose an inorganic target you can see and is no bigger than your thumb. When you cause its molecular bonds to break down, the target disintegrates.
  9. Multiattack – Your hands move so fast, when you attack with two weapons, you deal best of two damage rolls.
  10. My Name is Mud – All around you the ground has the consistency of thick mud. Things can sink, slip, or topple. Once you leave it turns back to normal.

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