Omega Weapons Monolithic Bots

Monolithic Bots

Alarmbot 2300

Meet Alarmbot 2300. Smart. Sassy. Salient. This is Alarmbot 2300 – a device whose whole purpose is to warn when a danger is near. By introducing the Alarmbot 2300 to a live threat it can warn you of any future run-ins. And with the advancements in tech, the 2300 can even warn when specific people approach! The Future is brought to you by Monolithic Bots. Continue reading “Omega Weapons Monolithic Bots”

Omega Weapons Gala


Force Shield

Simplicity is as much about stopping as it is about starting. The Gala Shield can remove all energy from whatever touches it, be it kinetic, thermal, photonic, or quantum. Nothing can pass through a Gala Shield given you prep its anti-life core. By making a nice donation of your health or the life of an innocent the Gala Shield can turn the tides of any battle. Continue reading “Omega Weapons Gala”

Alpha Mutation 91-100

  1. Sympathetic Link – You can link the vitality of two beings. When you link two beings, both take damage when one is hit and both heal when one is healed. A long rest is needed to use again.
  2. Teleportation – You can teleport short distances that you can see.
  3. Tentacles – You grow 2 extra tentacles that can function as less dexterous arms. The tentacles can hold blunt weapons or grab items, but are not so great at using precise things like guns or keyboards.
  4. Time Slide – You can launch yourself 5 minutes in the future. If you reappear and something is in your spot, the object or person is moved regardless of size to make room for you.
  5. Two-Headed – You grow a second head. This extra head gives advice but can argue with you, so you take +1 INT and -1 WIS.
  6. Ultrashriek – When you speak every living creature and person within earshot takes 3d8 damage. After you shriek your voice is horse and you don’t deal any more damage. A few nights rest is needed to use again.
  7. Vampiric Healing – When you drink a living creatures blood, deal 1d6 damage, stun the target temporarily, and heal for health equal to your level.
  8. Venomous Spurs – You gain venomous spurs on your wrists. When you stab someone with your spurs, they lose consciousness for a few minutes.
  9. White Dwarf – You gain an intense gravitational field around you that pulls enemies and objects toward you. The closer the object or enemy is to you the stronger the pull. After you turn the field off it takes a long rest to be used again.
  10. Wings – You grow a pair of large wings and can now fly. Flying uses as much energy as sprinting.

Continue reading “Alpha Mutation 91-100”