Omega Weapons Neuromorphic Inc

Neuromorphic Inc

Magno Gun

Magno Gun? Magno Gun! Whats better than using junk to fire junk at junk!? You can set metal objects on the electro plate and fire them as projectiles. Things like rebar and saw blades work best but coffee cans can work too. [reload tag]

NeuroMorph Boots

NeuroMorphics Inc is happy to announce the NeuroMorphics Boots! With the versatility of snow shoes and the speed of running shoes, these babies let you easily walk over any type of terrain. Is there nothing the NeuroMorphics Boots can’t trek over? *NeuroMorphics Inc is not responsible for injury or death resulting from using NeuroMorphics Boots on dangerous terrain.

NeuroMorph Cape

NeuroMorphics Inc Tech’s new line of sheik protection comes in the form or EnviroCape! This cloak gives the user all the benefits of a heavy lead cape but without the weight. It gives a +1 armour to any Energy attacks. *NeuroMorphics Inc does not recommend using the EnviroCape in a skirmish and is not responsible for any injuries sustained while using EnviroCape.

NeuroMorph Gloves

NeuroMorphics Inc has once again given the customers what they have been asking for! These gloves allow you to reach into any* liquid or gas, up to your elbows, without any effects. *Excluding vermin urine. *NeuroMorphics Inc is not responsible for loss of arms in dangerous materials.

NeuroMorph Mask

NeuroMorphics Inc is solving the problems of the future today! This may look like a paper doctors mask but it’s more sophisticated than that. It lets you breathe in any environment, gas or liquid, for a solid* 5 minutes. Trust us. *Leaving NeuroMorph Mask in sunlight can cause the useable time to be reduced by up to 3 minutes. NeuroMorphics Inc is not responsible for any death related to dangerous fluids entering the body.

NeuroMorph NAP TIME Beta

Neural APtness in TImed MEditation is the latest in sleep technology. This gun feeds on consciousness and when shot causes the target to fall asleep. *Side effects include, the user to falling asleep 50% of the time. *NeuroMorphics Inc is not responsible for any sleep eating while using the NAP TIME Beta

NeuroMorph Portable Pally

This is a smart man in a can! Simply add water and bam! You have yourself a genuine nerd ready to be asked science questions. Or use him as a portable meat shield, that works too. *NeuroMorphics Inc is not responsible if Portable Pally gains sentience and stops answering questions.

Speaker Stick

What once was a speaker for large outdoor concerts is now a spear that can send out disorienting sonic waves remotely. Couple that wit10h its sharp, javelin like end and you have a recipe for success. *NeuroMorphic Inc not responsible for self impalement of Speaker Stick.


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