Omega Weapons Monolithic Bots

Monolithic Bots

Alarmbot 2300

Meet Alarmbot 2300. Smart. Sassy. Salient. This is Alarmbot 2300 – a device whose whole purpose is to warn when a danger is near. By introducing the Alarmbot 2300 to a live threat it can warn you of any future run-ins. And with the advancements in tech, the 2300 can even warn when specific people approach! The Future is brought to you by Monolithic Bots.


The Hyper Optoid Universal Navigational Device was specifically designed for those who are always moving and could use a little extra help with their marksmanship. This meager tripod robot will follow you around like his life depends on it giving you a stable anchor for your barrel. To stay quick and flexible the H.O.U.N.D. has been given a powerful one day battery that you can wind up manually or plug-in to use the next day. The H.O.U.N.D. can stabilize your gun giving you a +1 to DEX when Volleying.

Orbiter, Emotion

The Emotion series of Orbiter Personal Drones is built to read and interpret even the most convoluted of human interactions. Through precise algorithms and a simple color changing exterior the Emo Orb is sure to help the user understand any social undertones nearby.

Orbiter, Radiation

The Radiation series of Orbiter Personal Drones is the most sensitive Geiger counter ever to float around a users head. Through high quality sensors the Rad Orb can detect strong radiation levels for vast distances and even mutated individuals. The user will never fret about radiation detection again!

Orbiter, Telepathic

The Telepathic series of Orbiter Personal Drones is the first flying computer system to accurately detect whether statements told are in fact lies. With state-of-the-art, truth-detection design, the Tele Orb can stop a lie in its tracks 90% of the time!

Orbiter, Vision

The Vision series of Orbiter Personal Drones is the most advanced assistive surveillance system to float above a person’s head. Through multi spectrum lenses the Vis Orb can detect incoming threats regardless of visual obscurity and warn the user promoting longer life.

Rosetta Newt

Rosetta Newt is the best fusion of technology and personality. Being the first robot to combine advanced linguistics and wise cracking attitude, the Rosetta Newt will fill your life with more knowledge and attitude than you can handle. Standing only four inches long this tiny lizard-bot sits on your shoulder and translates any language to you, written or spoken.

Your Friend Mr. Bear

Mr. Bear is the friend that will never leave you. He’s the friendship bear that will love you until the end. Give this toy bear to someone and it will latch onto their face not letting go until they answer a question for you.


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