Omega Weapons MetaPlex


Aero Strider

Safety is only one jump away with Metaplex’s Aero Striders. These boots create a powerful Quantum Shift Pulse that can launch the user forward great distances. With kinetic charging through walking the user can be ready to use the Q.S.P. again after only a couple of hours walk.


The Medbelt is the latest in MetaPlex healing tech. The user can activate the Medbelt to give a necessary dose of medication that both heals and sedate the user, for a period equal to the damage done, to help ensure the healing process. And in an effort to supply the highest value, the Medbelt will automatically activate to administer medication if the user is at critical health, delivering its total supply.

MetaPlex Goggles

Reality is better with a little augmentation. By wearing the Goggles the user can choose between the settings of visual echolocation and lingering heat signatures.

Octopus Buckler

The team at MexaPlex has found a way to put the sophisticated technology of the octopuses natural camouflage on the face of a hand-held shield. This device can perfectly match its surroundings and can hide anything behind it. It’s not recommended to use as protection against weapons as it is made from octopuses.


ProtectoSkeleton is MetaPlex’s latest installment in preventative care. This minimalist exoskeleton can move a full-grown man even while unconscious. When the user becomes unconscious, the ProtectoSkeleton will try to move away from damage as best it can, ensuring that the user has the best chance for survival.

Science Boy

Information is what has kept humanity safe when overwhelming odds are presented. Now with the Science Boy any question posed to it will be hashed across an extensive internal encyclopedia and returned with the best possible answer.


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