Omega Weapons

The Omega Weapons

were a weird conversion as the originals were mostly just variations of the same basic weapons with a few modifiers. Some though had special abilities, so I went through the list and hand picked the one’s that best fit this new style of game.

That is to say, I’m treating the Omega Weapons more as a traditional magical item that has unique properties that can’t just be tacked on with a +1 fire or MESSY tag.

Also, I set these up to look like advertisements like you’d find in a magazine with a specific company, with the idea that the final product would have each as it’s own little ad space in what place this is finished. Here’s a list of the companies so far.

Chuck Fardel

(cheap and varried items)


(beautiful items that focus on death or more specifically anti-life)


(usually info or health based items)

Monolithic Bots

(pretty much anything dealing with robotics)

NeuroMorphic Inc

(typically crazy ideas that kinda work)

Random Hand drawn descriptions from other people

(maybe cursed items)


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