Omega Weapons Gala


Force Shield

Simplicity is as much about stopping as it is about starting. The Gala Shield can remove all energy from whatever touches it, be it kinetic, thermal, photonic, or quantum. Nothing can pass through a Gala Shield given you prep its anti-life core. By making a nice donation of your health or the life of an innocent the Gala Shield can turn the tides of any battle.

Gala Cape

Anti-Life particles have been simplified. By taking the essence of the Anti-Life particle and reducing them to an even more spartan state perfection has been created. With a slight life donation to activate, you can move through inanimate objects by vibrating between the life energy of the molecules themselves.

Gala Gauntlet

Power is all that matters. Pure, raw, simple power. By harnessing the Gala Gauntlet’s anti-life energy blasts anyone can prove his or her power by unleashing a powerful shockwave that can knock over even enemies. By simply donating a bit of life the user can super charge the Gala Gauntlet to unbelievable limits. Nobody will question your power again.

Gala Mask

Faces are a major part of our lives. We go to mirrors and gather near each other to look at them. Yet somehow, the overall experience of faces has continued to stagnate. Until now. It all started by recognizing that other people’s faces are the future of faces. So we built a new foundation around this vision. With this new jar of Gala putty and the smart use of anti-life particles, simply apply and choose any face. This is your new Face. Disclaimer: The Gala Mask will absorb life if left on too long.

Gala Mortem

Shoot an enemy in an instant. Steal their life with your fingers. Continue your journey just like that. With Gala Mortem, clear paths and friendly faces are just a lift of the wrist away. By using pure anti-life pulses, the Gala Mortem bypasses all inorganic material and effectively ignores all armour to living beings. Be sure to preorder the Gala Mortem S so you can even target non-living creatures.

Gala Negator

The first foray into Anti-Gravity, the Gala Negator can launch pockets of Anti-Gravity towards a target that will push all clutter away with extreme prejudice. Elegance has never been so elementary.

Gala Scalpel

Beauty and Simplicity should be the core of your actions. No longer do you need to be messy when you want to separate a person from their arm or leg. The Gala Scalpel is powered by the life energy of those it hits. And by stealing that concentrated life energy this axe can remove the function of any limb permanently as if it was cut clean off, without the needless mess.


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