Omega Weapons Chuck Fardel

Chuch Fardel
Privacy enforcer

This piece of portable tech stops people from entering your mind. Infiltrators only hear Moby Dick narrated on loop no matter how hard they try. CAUTION: Do Not Get Wet! Failure to comply could result in feedback where the user can think of nothing but Moby Dick narrated on loop.


The glow stick of the future is an orb. When activated the Eternalight glows with the power of Uranium. It won’t go out in your lifetime so keep it around as a nightlight. CAUTION: Do Not come in close contact of the Eternalight for long periods of time. Periods of three hours or longer and the user can become SICK.


Ice To Meet You! This weapon sends out a beam of anti-energy that sucks the heat out of the target, freezing them in their spot. CAUTION: Freeze Ray is not intended to be used against reflective material and can rebound to user causing them to be WEAK.


The Future is finally here! The HoverRAD has power to spare and can even lift a fully grown child! By hovering inches above the ground and traveling at breakneck speeds of a quick jog the rider can escape from or into just about any problem! CAUTION: HoverRAD is not intended to travel at speeds above 8mph and may malfunction.


Hypnosis therapy has proven to cure most ailments from sore throat to broken arms. Simply use the Hypno-Ray on the target and they are sure to forget their ailments. CAUTION: Hypno-Ray is not intended to use on living targets as side effects include short-term amnesia and potential hunger cravings for human brains.


Inflate-A-Dummy is the ultimate companion to have in a sticky situation. With a flick of the wrist this simple brick sized device inflates into a replica mannequin of yourself with a stunning 60% accuracy! This device is sure to draw the attention away from yourself from those less familiar with human physique or visually impaired. Each Inflate-A-Dummy comes with 4 uses! CAUTION: Inflate-A-Dummy is under high pressure. Do not puncture.


The next step in practical distractions is the Inflate-A-Friend! With the Moving Legs Technology, the Inflate-A-Friend can take directions of where to go as well as looking a whopping 65% like you! Combine all that with his sturdy iron-mesh legs and gyroscopic hip and this friend will follow you to the ends of the earth. CAUTION: Inflate-A-Friends is under high pressure. Do not puncture.

nano bot capsule

This capsule is full of nano bots and carbon nano tubes that can make you something. With the power of nano technology you can make anything you heart desires and can hold in your hand. By overcharging the device you can also have that item be produced either quickly or high quality. CAUTION: Capsule melts after overcharging 4 times.


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