Alpha Mutations

Alpha Mutations

in Gamma World are a way for the game to reward players with new and interesting abilities outside of leveling up. These come in the form of a deck of cards and each card contains a benefit that has an ongoing effect, some have powers that can be used once before being refreshed.

Normally, in Gamma World a player starts with a certain amount of these cards (1-3) based on their level. In order to make the system work a little more natively with Dungeon World, the cards are going to be changed to act like magical items, additional abilities, or scrolls (if they have particularly powerful moves). The way players gain these powers will be different as well. In Gamma World you would start with alpha mutations, but now you will gain one when you roll a 2. This way, players don’t get the mutations very often but they keep them as time goes on. By taking away the card format (in order to keep it as an easy, one-book system) players would need to not be trading the powers out often.


The Card: Sensitive Nose

Turn into the ability to take +1 when taking watch.

The Card: Hyper Balance

Turns into the ability to take +1 DEX when defying danger.


In order to give the players a choice in which alpha mutations like in Gamma World, there are two options I’m currently thinking about implementing.

  1. Having the players choose one list of 10 mutations and they roll a d10 to find out which one they get.
  2. Players are given a choice between two lists of 10 based on their origins.

The first idea gives the players the a say in their mutations and each list can be tailored for a specific direction like movement based mutations. But, the second list could give a little more structure as the lists could be set up to work well with a specific orgin type. The speedster for example wouldn’t need a lot of movement based mutations as he’s extremely mobile already.

Or, a combo of the two could be made where each list is tailored to a specific type of character and the players can choose which one they want. Each origin can recommend a list but it’s in the end up to the player which they choose.


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