Gamma World Dungeon World Mash Up

So I’ve been looking around for a good Dungeon World hack that is set in the fun and crazy Gamma World type universe. Unfortunately the only things I’ve come across are Apocalypse World and Broken World, with the former being what Dungeon World is based on but with a way too serious tone, and the latter seemingly in some sort of Kickstarter Limbo never to release.

Well, I’ve resolved to make my own mashup. I’m starting by taking the origins from Gamma World 4e and converting them into half classes for Radioactive World (current project name). After that I’ll move on to the other aspects of the game. And as of now I almost have all the base origins in an alpha planned stage. 3 more to go and I’ll post them so anyone can let me know what they think should change.

So please take a look at them, add two together, and let me know what you think.


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